Advantages Of Using Barcode And Bartender Software

Advantages of using Barcode and Bartender Software

Barcode is the representation of information in form of lines (or squares). The space between the lines varies depending on data to be converted as it also has some significance in Barcode. The normal data (numbers and letters) is converted to Barcode symbols by using software. Barcode system is very much in use these days. Barcode system is a collective term given to software (required to create and read barcode), hardware (required to print barcode), mobile computers, Barcode scanners and the remaining infrastructure.




Barcode system is an automated way of collecting and storing data. It can record large amount of data within few minutes. This is very much less than the manual recording, which may take few days to accomplish the same task.


Due to its high efficiency and involvement of minimal efforts most of the sellers and manufacturers prefer this Barcode system. Few of its advantages are:

 1.Barcode system is not at all complicated. Everything is done by hardware and software. Users just have to scan the barcode using handheld barcode scanner. This scanner transmits the information to the software that converts barcode information to readable format (numbers and letters).  


2. Barcode technology is getting better with time as more and more research is being done in this domain. The objective is to make this already fast processing a bit more fast and accurate.


3. It obviously saves a great amount of time and effort which was otherwise required for manual data entry. This is also helpful in providing better services to customers and saving their time as well.


4. This technology is not at all costly as compared to cost incurred in manual data entry. Initially, you may find it costly but in long run it will definitely prove its worth.


There are two main components of Barcode system. First is the software that converts normal data into barcode format. This is very much important that the software is tested and is very accurate. Else, this may cause a great loss to business. Seagull BarTender software is one of the most rusted software for this purpose. It generates highly accurate barcodes.


And, the second most important component of Barcode system is printer. The printer should able to print the barcode with high clarity. Datamax industrial printers or Marsh unicorn videojet Australia are the printers that are known for the best results.


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