Learn more about Industrial Laser Marking Systems

Learn More About Industrial Laser Marking Systems

Learn more about Industrial Laser Marking Systems

There are lots of printing methods but Laser marking has become very popular in industrial use. This is non-contact printing solutions that provide many benefits over other techniques such as permanence, mark quality and fewer consumables. Videojet Laser Marking is become more famous as Videojet has offered a comprehensive portfolio of many laser accessories such as beam & lenses turning units. These units are used to simplify integration into production line. This is also used to maximize the performance of laser. Videojet Laser Marking offer fiber laser sources and CO2 laser to address many applications and substrates. Here we have mentioned some types of Videojet Laser Marking and their features have a look below;


 Videojet® 3340 CO2 Laser Marking System

 It offers powerful performance and flexibility. This is well known for its high quality marks on slow, moderate and high speed lines. This laser marking system is designed to maintain best quality code even on high speed line.  It comes with various features that make it an ideal solution for marking complex codes. This is useful in many industrial needs and demand of applications in beverages, food, cosmetics, extrusion and pharmaceutical industries.



 Videojet 7210 or 7310

 These are powerful machines that are available with versatile, most compact and low maintenance marking system. These printing solutions are available for direct part making and applications on plastics and metals. This marking system also works to mark materials in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics and tools market. These are available in 10/20 W models and maximum single line speed 1968 ft/min.



 Videojet 7510

This is available in 50 Watt model and famous for making on robust metal and plastic materials. It marks high contrast at very high speed. It is also available in single line speed 1440 ft/min. These are some laser marking machine that helps in industrial applications.


 You can also look for Datamax industrial printers and Videojet Labelling Inkjet Printers to find the best solution to fulfill your printing needs in home and business. This is something useful information that helps you decide the right solution for your printing needs as per industry.


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